In 2006 the Returpack began developing a special alucan Reverse Vending Ma- chine (RVM) as well as a recycling collection system. The goal of this was to develop a highly ef- fective aluminum can collection system through an automated store-based deposit or waste material management and reverse logistics processes.

The first units and the system itself were brought into circu- lation in 2007. In 2012, there are over 170 RVMs in Hungary, dozens of which have been func- tioning for more than 4 years.


Alupress RVM unique on the world, because:

  • accepts the crushed alucans as well
  • Fast and effective operation
  • Cheaper than it’s rivals
  • ....and last but not least running trustworthly


 Possible competitive advantages on the market:

  • Attractivity and the potential to increase the turnover of retail units
  • The replacement  or reduction of human workforce needs in handlingpackaging materials
  • Bolstering company image and creating a positive PR message
  • Developing a proactive approach to increasingly rigorous environmental regulations


Returpack Hungary uses exclusively Sealorient Alupress RVMs.

Only our system is capable of handling automatically crushed, flattened or undamaged cans. Our system is capable of adapting – with quick adjustments – to a rapidly changing legal environment (product fee or deposit system). Last, but not least, our RVM is highly efficient in compacting cans (up to 3000 cans per hour).

If required, the design of our units can cater to individual needs. There are currently three different models in circulation:

  • Built-in units (high capacity units integrated into the parapet walls of recycling points with various real collection options)
  • Standalone, standard units (easily installed, requiring approx. one cubic meter of space, with the capacity of storing 5000 cans)
  • Standalone, increased capacity units (easily installed, requiring approx 1.4 cubic meters, with the capacity of 9000 cans) 


You can read more: Minden doboz website or FB - Minden doboz.

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